The pilot is up and running!

We at Superhumans have launched our pilot! We are currently exploring the scope of possibilities with our vision picking solution, of course with several superhuman boosts to support the users work.

Typically, this kind of picking process is handled with a handheld scanner and a list of items to pick. This creates a major demand on the workers memory. The worker then has to keep the items placement, id number and number of items to pick present in their memory during their search for the correct product. In this process the worker has to suppress every new piece of information given to them through their vision or hearing during the search. This creates a mental strain that’s quickly draining their energy and decreasing their performance during the workday.

Using smart glasses, we present the user with the proper amount of information needed, at the point it is of use. This eases the mental demand affecting the user, because they no longer must remember the great scope of information that was previously needed. The information is always present, right in their field of vision, guiding them through their work.

During their picking route the user continually gets situated information about what shelf to go to, where to look for the next item on that shelf, how the item is identified, how many of that particular item is to be picked, and where to put it after it has been picked from the shelf space. The picker also gets information regarding how they are proceeding with their work and how much they have left until the current picking round is completed.

As an extra boost to help offload the workers mental demand, we offer supportive voice feedback. With the voice feedback we are able to divide the stimulus input between different senses, vision and hearing. By this multi-modal information presentation, different memory systems are used. Less strain is put on only one system, thus giving the user a more flexible way of supporting their memory activities during their work.