Activity Replay

Digitalizing knowledge transfer

Knowledge at hand

In a world where we are eternal newbies, we benefit from up-to-date and to-the-point instructions available for our next task at hand. The Activity Replay concept makes it truly easy to create step-by-step instructions and a breeze to follow them.

Create instructions

With Activity Replay, instructions start from a specific location or object. Place and scan a QR code, or detect the object with the camera.

For each step place a virtual marker on the object, add a short description, or record a video.

Publish the instruction when ready!

Follow instructions

Locate instructions nearby, scan a QR code or identify an object with the camera.

Get guidance as you perform your task through short and precise steps. Virtual markers in the real world guides you together with notes, sound, and video clips.

To improve the guide, remix and publish your version or provide feedback to the creator.