How vision picking works

Vision picking, or pick-by-vision, are two terms used for manual ordering picking with smart glasses. Through the smart glasses, the worker gets continuous guidance and feedback during their picking route, keeping their hands free at all times.

The smart glasses developed for industrial use are light and well balanced, which ensures they can be worn throughout a whole workday. To reduce errors and make the work more ergonomically when picking items placed on low or high shelves, a finger scanner can be used. By scanning each item when it is picked from the shelf, errors are avoided. The glasses alert the user if the scanned item does not match the item to be picked, guiding them in quickly identifying the correct item.

Vision picking is the most cognitively ergonomically picking solution on the market today. Providing continuous and situational information in line of sight reduces the workers need for energy draining memory processes. By using vision picking, mentally repeating item placement or the number of items to pick becomes unnecessary, since the information is always available - just a glance away.

Our vision picking solution, Readii, has been created with the user as our primary focus, with the effect of simplifying the picking process to fit our human mental processes. Our users can focus on their work, making them less prone to mistakes, by clearly showing what needs to be done and their progress towards their goal, using intuitive consumer-grade design.

Readii is easy to implement, connects to existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and is a perfect fit for e-commerce businesses with fast moving items.