Logistik & transport

We visited the Logistik & transport fair in Gothenburg on November 7th to talk at their startup scene. We shared the stage with three other startups, giving a fast-paced Pecha Kucha style talk for 6 minutes each in front of investors and a curious audience. Each presentation was followed by a short session of questions and advice from the investor panel.

The topics presented on stage touched a similar problem area, where new ideas on how to handle deliveries of goods were presented. All speakers were united in the belief that more and more wares will be distributed directly to individuals, with individual needs and wants. The market thereby needs to find more flexible solutions, adaptable to individual needs. The presented solutions covered the ability to track all of your deliveries with the same service, the ability to get your delivery whenever, wherever and the opportunity to get your groceries delivered to a refrigerated locker installed next to your home.

In relation to these topics, Superhumans stood out in the manner that we focus on those who make the above mentioned deliveries possible.

We talked about what issues motivated us to start our journey in this field, touching the gig economy and today’s fast-paced technological development. We also talked about the fourth industrial revolution, and how it has provided the technology that brings us the opportunity to create our solution today. By taking advantage of this technology, and by combining the opportunities it brings, we can provide individually adapted, context and task-related information to every individual - in real time.

In line with the other presenting startups, we believe that each individual and their personal ways will become more and more important in the future. Services are evolving to fit each individual, covering a wide range of areas. Our contribution to this human-focused development lies in creating the best prerequisites to perform work tasks in a way that minimizes cognitive load and work-related stress. This is what we have started creating with our vision picking solution, and wish to continue expanding in the future.