Superhumans first mission

Superhumans started out as a group of four inspired people, wanting to make an impact on the world we live in. We were all witnessing the pace of today’s technological development, not always reassured that it was dealt with in an optimal manner. That’s why we decided to take matters in our own hands and actually try to make sure it develops in the direction we envision it to.

As stated earlier, we see a world where anyone can be a superhuman. With the support of smart techonlogy, we can become our best selves both in our work and private life.

With that in mind, our first mission became to support warehouse pickers during their day to day work, with the aim to guide, support and offload the workers cognitive demands in their worktask.

Warehouse pickers can often be subject to a lot of efficiency activities prompted by management. If the pickers are more time effective and less error prone in their work, the company can save a lot of money. In this process it is easily forgotten that pickers are not machines, but humans. In order to make the workers more effective the focus have to lie on the aspects of how to improve ourseleves as humans, not how to become more like machines.

It is of vast importance to focus on those (super)human aspects, something our team at Superhumans are in the midst of doing right now!