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Get started

Step 1. Get Equipment

Before you start, make sure you have these items at hand:

  • - Smart Glasses
  • - Finger scanner
  • - Readii Card
  • - ID badge (with barcode)

Step 2. Start Glasses

Turn on the glasses and the finger scanner.

*Maybe wait a bit for the device to start*

You should now see the Readii login screen and hear a beep from both the scanner and the glasses, indicating that they are connected.

Step 3. Log In

Using the finger scanner, scan the barcode on your ID badge to log in.

When prompted enter your pin code by scanning the numbers on the Readii Card.

Step 4. Start Order

Scan "Start" on the Readii Card to start your first order.

You're all set up and ready to go!

Note: To get orders for a specific equipment type, tap on the side of the glass, swipe and tap again to select available equipment.

How to: Use the Readii Card

Some interactions require scanning a QR code on the Readii Card.

  • a) "Start" is used to begin a new order.
  • b) "OK" and "Cancel" function as yes/no buttons. They are used to answer prompts given by the application.
  • c) "Numbers" are used to enter pin code and confirm picked quantity.
    Confirming quantity is useful when picking five or more pieces of one item. Use by first scanning the product, then the picked quantity and finally confirm by scanning "OK". Note that for two-digit numbers both digits need to be scanned individually, e.g. if the number is 25, first scan "2" then "5".
    Number input is also used to input digits to confirm correct item when scanning a shelf instead of the item.
  • d) Use "Empty" if there are no available items in the location provided by the application.
  • e) "Skip Item" skips an item in the picking process, which may be unavailable or for any other reason cannot be picked at that moment.
  • f) "Toggle Voice" is used to enable or disable voice feedback. Can be used at any time in the application.

Google Glass

How to: Open settings

  • Step 1. Swipe down on the touchpad (a) twice.
  • Step 2. Swipe left or right to browse to "Open system settings".
  • Step 3. Tap to select.
  • Step 4. Swipe down to go back.

How to: Restart glasses

  • Step 1. Turn off the glasses by pressing and holding the Power button (p) on the back of the right frame.
  • Step 2. Turn on the glasses by pressing the same button again.